Warp Well

Each planet on the Starmap is surrounded by a warp well (also known as gravity well) with the radius of 3 lightyears. Travelling within a warp well can only be done at warp 1. All ships that are travelling at higher speeds than Warp 1 and end their movement inside a warp well will be automatically sucked to the planet. Crossing warpwells with higher warpspeeds is possible. To intercept a ship inside a planet’s warpwell a ship has to fly at warp 1 or it will be pulled to the planet each turn. Ships inside the warpwell can have any warpsetting without being affected, as long as they do not move.

Hyperjumping ships will not be sucked to the planet if they jump into the four outer tips of the warp well. In all other areas of the warp well they will be pulled to the planet like any other ship. Ships with Gravitronic Accellerators can travel 2 lightyears within a warp well.

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