Advanced cloning

Advanced cloning is a Planets.Nu campaign feature. All races but Crystalline and the Privateer can enable advanced cloning for the cost of 55 campaign points.

Advanced cloning has the same costs and rules as standard cloning. It will use the exact amount of minerals and twice the amount of megacredits to produce the clone.The benefit of advanced cloning is that you can clone even if the ship limit has been reached.

Unlike “normal” cloning, which takes place after the first Build Ship function in the Host Order, Advanced Cloning takes place during the first Build Ship function in place of normal build operations. If a starbase is scheduled to build a ship in either the priority build queue (using priority points) or in the normal build queue (by id #) and the starbase meets the above cloning conditions it will clone the ship instead of building any ship it may currently have set to build. The build queue will then move on as normal. The normal ship build will be skipped for this starbase until it is prioritized again.

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