Cargo transfer 1:1 (ship to foreign ship)

It is possible to transfer cargo from an owned ship to one foreign ship (enemy and allied). Fuel, minerals, supplies and colonists can be transferred in the normal way, while money, torpedoes and fighters need be transferred by using various beam transfer friendly codes. In order to transfer cargo to a foreign ship, both ships need to be in the same place in the beginning of the turn. The receiving ship must be uncloaked and may not cloak away in this very turn – it needs to stay uncloaked for two turns to receive foreign cargo.

  • For each foreign ship that is supposed to receive cargo the sending race must have one ship to send the cargo (1:1 cargo transfer). If the target ship is changed, the previous target will not receive any cargo.
  • It is possible to ‘send / re-load / send’ cargo multiple times if the sending ship has a smaller cargo hold than the receiving ship.
  • If the cargo hold of the receiving ship is full or if it cloaks away, the transfer will be cancelled and be put back to into the sending ship’s cargo hold.
  • If the cargo hold of the receiving ship is too small, the transferred cargo will be trimmed proportionally and the remainders will be put back onto the sending ship.
  • If the sending ship has re-filled its cargo hold with more cargo (from a planet or a third ship for example), any cancelled transfer will be destroyed for safety reasons.
  • If the sending ship transfers its fuel until the last drop to the receiving ship the transferred cargo will be destroyed, since the sending ship will run out of energy during the transfer.

Note: This type of cargo transfer should not be confused with transfers between ships of the same owner, which are handled during gameplay.

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