All but 2 races and native races grow best on planets with 50C° (Temperate – warm).

The Crystalline race grows best on planets with 100C°.(Desert World).
The Siliconoid native race also grows best on planets with 100C

Fascists and Robots are able to withstand desert climates well enough to support a small desert outpost of 6,000 colonists.

The Rebels are able to build outposts that support up to 9,000,000 colonists on planets with a temperature of 19 or less (Ice planets).

There are three ships that are able to transform a planet’s climate just by orbiting it. Each ship will change the climate type by 1 each turn. The ships need 1kt fuel to terraform.

  • Bohemian Class Survey Ship: Will make planets warmer until climate type 50 is reached.
  • Eros Class Research Vessel: Will make a planet cooler until climate type 50 is reached.
  • Onyx Class Frigate: Will make any planet turn into a hot boiling pool of rock and desert (temp 100).

Ships which are transforming the climate of a planet will report the temperature of the surface of the planet each turn.

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