Cloning a ship will produce an exact copy of a ship you own. All races besides the Crystalline and the Privateer can clone. You can only clone ships that are not in your original shiplist, that means you can not clone ships that you can build on your starbase.

How to clone:

  • Set the friendly code of the ship you want to clone to “cln”
  • Make sure your Starbase has the techlevels equal or greater than those used in the ship (for hull, engines and weapons)
  • Make sure your Planet has sufficient resources. Cloning costs the exact amount of minerals needed to build the original ship and its components (engines/weapons), and exactly twice the cash.

Things that prevent cloning:

  • If a base is set to build a ship it will build the ship and ignore the ship to clone in orbit.

Other points of interest:

  • The warp speed of any ship that is successfully cloned is set to 0; it will not move. It may however be towed away.
  • Due to the host-order, cloning becomes nearly impossible once the shiplimit has been reached. To clone after the shiplimit, Advanced cloning has been introduced in .NU campaign games.
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