Mine sweep

The Mine Sweep mission will scan for enemy minefields and webmines and sweep them if in range. Ships with beams that are in range of a field (5ly for mines) / 0ly (inside) for webmines) can use their beams to sweep away the (web)mines. The Lost Colonies of Man can use their fighters to sweep mines at a range of 100ly.

The mine sweep mission will not sweep your own or your allies mines but it will provide the location and size of those minefields. If a ship has the same friendly code as a minefield it will not sweep the minefield or webminefield

All ships can perform the minesweep mission, but only ships with beams actually sweep mines. A minefield which center is covered by an ion storm can neither be detected nor swept. The Colonies of Man can use their fighters to sweep minefields covered by Ion storms.

Ships sweep mines in order of ID. The lowest ID ship sweeps whichever minefields are within it’s sweeping range, then the next lowest ID and so on. After each sweeping, the minefield’s radius will adjust.


The number of (web)mines swept depends on the number and the type of beams

Beam type Mines swept Webmines swept
Laser 4 3
X-ray 16 12
Plasma bolt 36 27
Blaster 64 48
Positron beam 100 75
Disruptor 144 108
Heavy blaster 196 147
Phaser 256 192
Heavy disruptor 324 243
Heavy phaser 400 300

NOTE: Damaged ships can still sweep with all beams.

You can scoop up your own (web)minefields. For this your ship needs at least one beam, one torpedo tube and room in the cargohold. The mission needs to be set to minesweep and the friendly code to “msc”. You need  to be INSIDE your minefield. If inside multiple minefields, the ship will scoop up (web) mines from the field with the lowest ID first, and so on until your cargo is full or there are no mines left. You can scoop mines even in Ion storms.

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