Minefield sizes – Mk8

Minefields and sizes if Mark 8 Torpedoes are used:

Friendly code Torpedos Mines Radius*
md1 10 1000 32ly
md2 20 2000 45ly
md3 30 3000 55ly
md4 40 4000 63ly
md5 50 5000 71ly
md6 60 6000 78ly
md7 70 7000 84ly
md8 80 8000 90ly
md9 90 9000 95ly
md0 100 10000 100ly
mda 225 22500 150ly

*if a new minefield is layed

The biggest minefield one will ever see, will have a radius of 146 lightyears.

When laying a maximum size minefield that no one sweeps, the decay of five percent will destroy 1125 mines, which is the equivalent of 14 mk7 torpedoes or the sweeping power of 3 heavy phasers (webs: 4).


One Mk8 torpedo will be converted into 100 space mines.


Mk8 minefields
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