Minefields – Mines per torpedo type

With the ‘Lay Mines’ mission a ship will transform it’s torpedoes into mines. Different torpedo technologies can create a different number of Deep Space Mines.

Torpedo Type Mines / Torpedo Mines / Torp (Robots)
Mark 1 Photon 1 4
Proton Torpedo 4 16
Mark 2 Photon 9 36
Gamma Bomb 16 64
Mark 3 Photon 25 100
Mark 4 Photon 36 144
Mark 5 Photon 49 196
Mark 6 Photon 64 256
Mark 7 Photon 81 324
Mark 8 Photon 100 400

The most cost effective torpedo in terms of Megacredits for minelaying are the Mark 4 and Mark 7 Photon Torpedoes, while the Mark 8 is much more expensive in Megacredits but lower in the mineral use. For most players the Mark 7 is the only true technology for laying serious Minefields.

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