Minesweep – Beam weapon efficiency

Different Beams have different sweeping capabilities – the better and more expensive a beam is, the more Mines or Webmines it can destroy.

Beam type Mines swept Webmines swept
Laser 4 3
X-ray 16 12
Plasma Bolt 36 27
Blaster 64 48
Positron Beam 100 75
Disruptor 144 108
Heavy Blaster 196 147
Phaser 256 192
Heavy Disruptor 324 243
Heavy Phaser 400 300

For the total amount of swept mines just take the beam count of your ship hull and multiply it with the sweeping power in the table above. As you can see, the differences are tremendous. If you don’t know whether to build a ship with less beams / higher technology or more beams / lower technology you in most cases can choose the higher technology. As a rule of thumb …

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