A player at Planets.Nu can achieve ranks by simply playing the game and by ranking high when the game ends. During a running game several (but less) points for a player’s ranking are awarded, too, in order to reflect his/her activity while playing.
Awarded points are multiplied by the tenacity multiplier that reflects a players fighting spirit.


Rank Experience Required Achievement Required
Midshipman 0 0
Ensign 400 0
Sub-Lieutenant 1000 0
Lieutenant 3000 25
Lt. Commander 6000 100
Commander 10000 400
Captain 16000 1000
Commodore 24000 2000
Rear-Admiral 32000 3000
Admiral 40000 4000
Fleet Admiral 48000 5000

Ranks allow players to qualify for games at higher difficulty levels in Planets.Nu’s handicap system (maximum rank and minimum rank games) and to qualify for championship games.

Apart from the ranking also Campaign ressources (to research new ships) are awarded for active and successful gameplay.

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