Rob Ship

Privateer Special Mission (ship): If a Privateer ship with beam weapons installed is set to ‘Rob Ship’, it will steal fuel and cargo from enemy ships until the robbing ship’s tank and cargo space are full – or the victim ship is empty. The robbing ship needs to have fuel to rob, the mission itself will not burn any fuel.

The Rob Ship mission happens in order of ship ID’s: The lowest ID ship will rob first and will start with the lowest ID victim ship. As sson as the first victim is empty it will move on to the next lowest ID victims until the robbing ship is full. If there are more robbing ships the next lowest ID privateer ship then starts to rob. This process goes on until all robbing Privateer ships are full or all victim ships are empty. All Privateer ships set to ‘Rob Ship’ will rob as much as they can, starting with fuel, Megacredits, Molybdenum, Tritanium, Duranium, Supplies and Colonists.

  • ‘Rob Ship’ is performed before movement.
  • Only Privateer ships with beam weapons installed can perform ‘Rob Ship’.
  • Cloaked ships and ship ammunition (torpedos and fighters) can not be robbed.
  • There is 1% chance that the rob mission fails.
  • Allied ships (Peace Agreement, Share Intel, Full Alliance) can not be robbed.

When a ship is robbed, any cargo (including fuel) that is dropped onto a planet will still be dropped. If a ship that is being robbed attempts to transfer fuel to an enemy or allied ship, that transfer is cancelled. If there is sufficient room in the fuel tank of the robbing ship, all fuel will be robbed until it is full. Either way, the fuel transfer is cancelled. Cargo transferred to enemy or allied ships will not be robbed. However, if the transferring ship is robbed of all it’s fuel the cargo will disappear.

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