Super Spy

Birdman ship Special Mission: Allows each orbiting Birdman ship to change the friendly code of foreign planets (Super Spy Deluxe, before movement) and/or simply gather information from them (Super Spy, after movement). Each birdman ship that has a cloaking device will be/remain cloaked (if it fulfils the cloak rules) during Super Spy.


Super Spy Deluxe: Before movement the Super Spy Deluxe part attempts to change the friendly code of the planet the ship is orbiting to match the friendly code of the ship. Super Spy Deluxe has a chance of 20% to be successful and is cumulative, 5 birdman ships can effectively control the friendly code of a planet. If the friendly code successfuly is changed, the birdman ship will send a Super Spy Deluxe report to its owner and it will be/remain immune to a starbase’s ‘Force a Surrender’ mission – as long as it performs ‘Super Spy’ and has fuel on board.

The foreign planet will always send a Distress Call to its owner when the friendly code is changed. If it has more than 30 defense posts installed, it further has a 20% chance of detecting ships in orbit that are on a Super Spy Deluxe mission. If it detects ships on a Super Spy Deluxe mission, the planet will burn 10 of its defense posts in order to emit an Ion Pulse that decloaks all ships in orbit. When the friendly code is changed to a global minefield friendly code (mf*) the planet will always emit an Ion Pulse.


Super Spy: Ships on a Super Spy mission (no deluxe friendly code change) do not run the risk of being decloaked by an Ion Pulse, they however can be detected with a chance of 20%. To disable the Deluxe part and only perform the Super Spy (gather information) mission, the friendly code of the specific ship must be set to start with an x or X. The ship will then scan the planet (after movement) and send an Exploration report plus a Super Spy report to its owner that contains how many ressources and structures are on the planet and how many structures are installed.

All Birdmen ships with or without weapons or cloaking devices can perform both Super Spy missions. Super Spy requires fuel on board, and (if required) fuel to cloak, the mission itself does not burn fuel.

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