Supplies are produced by factories (can be built on planets) or Bovinoid natives (living on some planets). Each factory produces 1 kiloton of supplies per turn and every 10.000 (100 clans) Bovinoid natives produce 1 kiloton (needs to be collected by 1 colonist clan per kiloton).

Supplies are needed to build structures on planets (factories, mines and defense posts) and belong to the standard cargo of colonizing freighters.
Supplies can be converted into megacredits (1kt = 1 Megacredit) on each planet, be converted by Merlin Class Alchemy Ships into minerals (3kt = 1kt of minerals) and be converted into Neutronium fuel by Neutronic Refinery Ships (1kt supplies + 1kt minerals = 1 kt fuel). Further they can be used to build fighters in space (3kt tritanium + 2 kt molybdenum + 5kt supplies = 1 fighter) by races that have this ability and they will repair any damaged ship automatically: 5kt supplies that are loaded into ths ship’s cargo hold will repair 1% damage.

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