Turn Not Ready

Hitting the ‘Turn not ready’ Button when closing the game means that you are not ready for the host to run and that you wish to make changes before the hosting deadline. Your turn will then be (or remain) marked in orange. If you are playing Single Player Levels the host will not run until you have marked your ‘Turn ready’. If you however do not mark your turn as ready by the hosting deadline in games with human players your turn will count as a missed turn and your tenacity multiplier will be lowered. Should you miss three turns in a row by either not hitting the ‘Turn ready’ or ‘End turn’ Button or by just skipping the turn you will be dropped out of the game. A way to avoid getting thrown out of a game if for example you are on vacation is to set your games to ‘Holiday Mode’ which will mark your turn as ready as soon as all others have done so.

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