Ion Storm quality ranging from 0 to 500+ megavolts [meV] of strength. Ion storms systems strenghten (increase in meV) or weaken (decrease in meV) over longer periods. Average change per turn is approx. 15 meV. Strengthening storms tend to become smaller in diameter, weakening storms larger.

meV Class Type Behaviour
0 – 50 Class 1 Harmless Disturbance decloaks ships
50 – 99 Class 2 Moderate Disturbance decloaks ships
100 – 149 Class 3 Strong Disturbance decloaks ships
150 – 199 Class 4 Dangerous Storm decloaks, drags ships with 1/4 of own speed and direction. deactivates ship shields.
200+ Class 5 Very Dangerous Storm decloaks, drags ships, deactivates ship shields, damages hulls depending on overall mass.


ion storm strength, meV, strength of ion storm
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