Webmines are a special type of mines that only the Crystallines can lay with there lay webmines mission.Webmines have a 5% chance per travelled lightyear to be hit regardless if a ship is cloaked or not.

Each ship that strikes a webmine will come to an instant stop (set to warp 0). It will lose all the fuel it would have used to complete his move for that turn. In addition, it will loose 1/6th of its Neutronium fuel or a minimum 50 kilotons, whatever is more. Each Webminefield that belongs to the Crystallines will additionally drain 25 kilotons of fuel from any enemy ship that is caught inside. Webmines layed in any other race’s identity do not drain 25kt fuel per turn but you loose 50kt or 1/6 if you hit a webmine. The damage a Webmine will cause is only 10% of a normal minehit.

To clear Webmines a ship on a Minesweep mission needs to be inside a webminefield and will have 1/4 less beam efficiency compared to normal Spacemines.

Crystallines are immune to webmines, in a Giant Melee game each Crystalline can pass all webmines without fuel drain or damage. Overlapping webminefields will never destroy each other.

Only Crystalline ships with torpedo tubes can convert their torpedoes into webmines by using the ‘Lay Webmines’ mission. Webmines are laid in a circle centered at the position of the ship before movement. The laying process requires fuel on board but does not cost any fuel. Webmines are displayed in a purple color on the starmap.

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