Absolution Gap: Frequently Asked Questions about Glory Devices


To save time for those who are not interested in meta, the introduction can be found in the end at the appendix.


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DIE HARD 8 Completed: Cold space never been so hot, dead space never so alive!

DIE HARD 8 was done last night! Winners come from cold north, cold like space it self.
Really, it was snowing today here in Finland. No matter I was sleeping like a dead after twelve hour night shift, the small ice balls drumming the roof in the middle of the day woke me up from my coma. Now I know how they got Schumacher up, too! Congratulations to ISO–T and OHO for winning the eighth episode of Die Hard series! It is reliefing to see the Germans are not winning every single game in Planets NU.

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Glory Devices – Effects on Fascist ships

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 4:

Effects of own Glory Device detonations on Fascist ships, for both D19b (and c*) Class Destroyers (20% of a normal mine hit) and Saber Class Frigates (10% of a normal mine hit).  All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games. The following tables contain the damage percentage a fascist ship will take when experiencing a Glory Device detonation, how many detonations it will survive, how many detonations can be repaired instantly if enough supplies are on board (limited by cargo hold), and how many supplies will be needed to repair one detonation (hit).

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Classic DIE HARD takes a season break

Die Hard 2 still being the only finished Die Hard game it has become tremendous effort to find new players for classic Die Hard. Therefore we are taking a season break over Christmas. All-new episode Die Hard X will begin to accept sign-ups during the first week of January, 2014. We have a special guest star playing in Die Hard X so if you are DIE HARD you might not want to miss this one (to the dissapointment of Canadians, it is not Rob Ford)!

For those who do not believe in Santa Claus and wont be celebrating Santa’s birthday in 24th and 25th of Dec., there are other custom game options available. I got that very particular itch at my bottom telling me something nice is coming up very soon and then there is also Die Hard Starcraft – a classic Die Hard with star map add-ons still open and accpeting sign-ups!

Keep your warp cores up and running and have a blessed holiday season (of doom)!