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SPACESQUAD is playing planets since the early 1990′s. In the last years he concentrated on the Crystal Confederation with which he became the second and currently reigning Emperor on Planets.Nu

Planets Academy

Planets Academy is a mobile version of Planets.  Due to its reduced complexity it is a perfect start for young midshipmen to test their strategic skills before they take command in a cluster (classic game).

Currently Planets Academy is available for Android only. IOS Version will follow in a couple of month as soon as the Alpha test have been completed. Gameplay, Interface and mechanics will be adjusted during the Alpha test. This post will help try to keep all information available together and support the documentation Team of Planets.NU.

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The Planets.NU Commanders Map

The Planets.NU Commanders Map

Planets.Nu has a great and very active community. We all like to chat and discuss about our favorite game for hours. It’s fun to do it online and meet Commanders from all over Planet Earth, it is even more fun to do it face to face. I have done it in the past, small gatherings with 3-4 other Commanders who live nearby or having a beer with a Commander who find some time during a business trip to your city.

Therefore, Planets Magazine introduces the Planets.NU Commanders Map.
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The Scorpius War Revisited

Written by SpaceSquad.

This is not really a race guide, it is more a war log, the story of how i have won the first Championship game and became the emperor of Planets.nu. It is the story of a real game, everyone can review it here.  In the following text, i try to give you an inside view of that game, i try to explain the decisions i made along the way to victory. Hopefully you can use it as an inspiration to your victory….

Below you can see one of the top secret strategic maps i created during the game. I am not really sure about the exact date, but due to the fact that the Cyborg homeworld is gone its must be between month 12 and 15 of the conflict. The map shows the excepted and partly confirmed homeworld locations of all races. The thin lines will give you a hint how this information has been calculated. The map you see is already very accurate thanks to diplomatic action.

The colored fields are, what I call, “Sphere of direct control “ or core area. It´s the area a race is most likely willing to fight for instead of finding a peaceful agreement. The borders Continue reading


Pillage Planet

All fascist starships with beams have a special mission; Pillage Planet.  By pillaging a planet, money and supplies are generated and beamed up to your ship. You can pillage any planet regardless if it is an enemy, allied or even your own planet.

Pillage will:

  • … generate 1 supply for 100 clans (Native and Colonists)
  • … generate 1 Megacredit for 100 clans (Native and Colonists)
  • … kill 20% +120 clans of the Natives
  • … kill 20% +20 clans of the Colonists
  • … decrease Native happiness by 10
  • … decrease Colonists happiness by 10 

Pillage will first generate the money and supplies and then kill the clans. All supplies will be beamed up on to your ships. The ship with the lowest ID will be filled first including cloaked and fuelless ships. If all your cargo space is full, the pillage mission will sell all supplies on the planet and beams up the megacredits to your ship. When your first ship reaches 10,000MCs, the next one will be loaded with Supplies and MCs.

The Fascist Pillage mission is not cumulative, you can only pillage with one ship at a time. Pillage happens after ship movement and combat. 

The owner of the planet will recieve a planetary distress call including the remaining number of clans and the planet ID. You will receive a copy of that message.

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