How To: On Tenacity

This article explains the present workings of the tenacity mechanic on the Planets.Nu website. Included are some “quick fix” solutions to a poor tenacity score and the big question: how low does your rating have to be to make recovery impracticable?

The metric is a new one and subject to constant Continue reading


Planets Nu Hotkeys


Starmap Function
S earch Search for planets or ships
Q onnections Display Warp 9 Connections
P lanet names Display Planet names
Z oom Zoom to Planet and Warpwell
X lear Clear Starmap
easure Measure distances tool
   Zoom out Make map smaller 
=  Zoom in Make map bigger
 All screens  
C argo Transfer cargo from and to planets and starships
F riendly Change friendly Code. Continue reading

Ion Storm Physics

The Old Scrolls Series:

Please note that some data may refer to earlier game versions or different host settings. Although game and strategies have advanced since the writing of this guide, the provided information is more than useful for an inspired gameplay and a good base to start from. Enjoy!


Originally written by Stefan ‘Streu’ Reuther, the developer of PCC

First published on in the year 2000  Continue reading

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Mass of weapons and ship components

To calculate the exact empty mass of a ship the the used beam weapons and torpedo launchers are added to the hull mass of a ship design.

Note that neither engines nor fighter bays have their own mass, since they are integrated in the hull mass during the construction process.

Beam Weapons Mass Torpedo launchers Mass
Laser 1 kt Mark 1 Photon 2 kt
X-Ray Laser 1 kt Proton Torpedo 2 kt
Plasma Bolt 2 kt Mark 2 Photon 2 kt
Blaster 4 kt Gamma Bomb 4 kt
Positron Beam 3 kt Mark 3 Photon 2 kt
Disruptor 4 kt Mark 4 Photon 2 kt
Heavy Blaster 7 kt Mark 5 Photon 3 kt
Phaser 5 kt Mark 6 Photon 2 kt
Heavy Disruptor 7 kt Mark 7 Photon 3 kt
Heavy Phaser 6 kt Mark 8 Photon 3 kt

The table shows the mass for one beam weapon, respectively one torpedo launcher.
Should a ship design for example have 4 beam weapons installed, the beam mass must be taken x4.


Friendly Codes

Friendly codes can be set in the ship, planet or starbase screen and can influence the behaviour of these objects. In ship combat they influence the battlevalue
that decides in which order ships will fight. Matching friendly codes (e.g. starbase and ship) can be used as a key to beam up and down cargo and torpedos and to force enemy ships to surrender at a starbase. Matching friendly codes also prevent combat, the only exceptions are ‘nuk’, ‘att’ and ‘mkt’ and their variations.
Friendly codes are case sensitive: ‘bdm’ and ‘bDm’ will perform the same task, but will not be considered as a matching friendly code.

Beam transfer codes for ships


Beam all money down to the planet before movement


Beam money to foreign ships at the same location, split evenly


Beam torpedoes to foreign ships at the same location, split evenly


Beam fighters to foreign ships at the same location, split evenly

Codes used in conjunction with “Lay Mines” and “Lay Web Mines” missions


Convert N*10 torpedoes into deep space mines.  N must be a number 0-9.  md1 converts ten torpedoes, md2 converts 20 torpedoes, etc.  md0 converts 100 torpedoes.


Convert half of the ship’s torpedoes into deep space mines


Convert one-quarter of the ship’s torpedoes into deep space mines


Lay minefield in another race’s identity.  In a standard 11-player game, use the race’s standard number or letter (1=Feds, 2=Lizards, … a=Rebels, b=Colonies).  In a melee or a game with duplicate races, each player has a unique identifying number or letter.

Friendly codes for use on ships with glory devices


Self-destruct after movement


Self-destruct when a cloaked ship is detected

 Alchemy Ship Codes 


Turn off the ship’s alchemy function


Produce only duranium (3kt supplies yields 1kt duranium)


Produce only molybdenum (3kt supplies yields 1kt molybdenum)


Produce only tritanium (3kt supplies yields 1kt tritanium)

Other ship friendly codes


Scoop up your own minefields within sweeping range.  Requires mission=minesweep.


Make torpedoes from money and minerals on board.


Clone ship, at a starbase with the appropriate tech levels to duplicate the ship. All minerals and 200% the original cost of the entire ship must be present.


Give ship. Replace * with the race’s standard number or letter.  In a melee game or a game with duplicate races, each player has a unique identifying number or letter. Requires the receiving player to have one ship with at least one clan onboard at the same location.


Ships with hyperjump capability travel 340-360ly with this code.


Load materials and build fighters (Robots, Rebels, Colonies only).


Disable tow capture.


Use only beam weapons in combat (launch no torpedoes or fighters).

Planet and Starbase Codes


Beam all money from the planet to foreign ships, split evenly.


Universal minefield friendly code.  Replace * with any character.


Attack enemy ships that arrive at the planet.


Attack enemy ships that arrive, even if they are out of fuel.


Recycle old parts from starbase.


Use Priority Build Points to build a ship on this starbase. Replace N with a number 1-9. pb1 gets first priority, followed by pb2, etc.