Minefields: Behind the Host

The first article all about minefields sure was exciting, was it not? If you haven’t read it please take a look at The Nine Attributes of Space Mines. This second article in this three-part series delves deep into the host order for any minefield related host actions. The objective is that with the first two articles in the series complete, the ground work will be laid for the third article to discuss more advanced minefield topics. Veterans out there may want to give this article at least a skim, you never know Continue reading


Planets Turns in 30 Minutes or Less – Part 1: Three Techniques To Slash Turn Taking Time

Glorious battles, economic expansion, bold exploration, diplomatic triumphs. There is a lot of fun to be had in VGA Planets. Unfortunately to get to that fun, there is a lot of busy work that needs to be repeated turn after turn. For some players that can lead to turns that last hours, or having to skip crucial, but repetitive tasks.

Fortunately I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of features in-game that can reduce a lot of this busy work. For those willing to try some player made mods, there are Continue reading


How To: On Tenacity

This article explains the present workings of the tenacity mechanic on the Planets.Nu website. Included are some “quick fix” solutions to a poor tenacity score and the big question: how low does your rating have to be to make recovery impracticable?

The metric is a new one and subject to constant Continue reading


Who’s On First? Combat Order and Battle Value

Ship combat at Planets.Nu is arguably the single most important key element in play. The tactics and complexities would be thought multiform and diverse even before one considers that every player has a unique ship list. Bearing this in mind, it is hardly surprising that many new players are Continue reading


Cloak Intercept: A Feature Badly In Need Of a New Name

Ships with a cloaking device have a special feature built into them. Any time they have a primary enemy selected, and are intercepting something belonging to the primary enemy, they get to trump the battle order. Friendly codes don’t matter, nor do the kill mission or primary enemy settings from the opponent. The ship with the cloaking device enters combat against Continue reading


Priority Build Points

Planets is a game of managing finite resources. The game has an absolute limit of 500 ships in the sector at any time. Early in the game, players build their fleet. Later, sometime between turn 20 and turn 40, the number of ships in the sector reaches 500, and no more ships can be built.

After the limit hits, you can only build a new ship when a ship disappears somewhere on the map due to destruction or recycling. Continue reading


Tow Mission and Tow Conflict Resolution

Written by ECV in 2013

Every ship with two or more engines has the capability of towing any other ship. Wow! This is so useful!  You can tow around your own ships to save on fuel or to economize on engines.  Towing can also be used to minimize risk in minefields and for countless other logistical bonuses.

Guess what?  The tractor beam can also be a frightening weapon.  You might want to tow an enemy ship somewhere and attack it or capture it.  Or you could tow an enemy ship for someone else to attack it.  You can pit players against each other and create chaos in the cluster using the tow mission.

Maybe you’ve figured out how to tow enemy ships away and exploited this to great advantage.  It’s really great fun, isn’t it?  But it’s not so much fun when you are on the receiving Continue reading


Alliances and Diplomacy

Planets Nu has several different levels of alliances which you can set from the diplomacy screen:

  • Blocked – The user can not send you messages
  • None – Normal turn by turn deep space communication only
  • Ambassador – Send an ambassador to allow immediate (relayed by email) communication
  • Safe Passage – Share information about your minefields and allow the other player to fly through them
  • Share Intel – Share information about the location of your planets and ships and enemy planets and ships
  • Full Ally – Share all information about your planets and ships and enemies planets and ships