Hotkeys – Planets.Nu [Keyboard shortcuts]


— Starmap Function
S earch Search for planets or ships
Q onnections Display Warp 9 Connections
P lanet names Display Planet names
Z oom Zoom to Planet and Warpwell
X lear Clear Starmap
M easure Measure distances tool
–   Zoom out Make map smaller
=  Zoom in Make map bigger
 — All screens
C argo Transfer cargo from and to planets and starships
F riendly Change friendly Code.
I want to see last turn Jump to last turn
O ne turn up Jump to next turn
R eady Mark checkbox as ready
T ransfer Transfer cargo from and to planets and starships
X lear Close screen, return to starmap
SPACE Select next object
 Ship screen
nge Toggle range circle of ship
E nemy Set Primary Enemy of ship
M ission Set Mission of ship
N ame Change ship name
W arp 1-9 Set Warp speed of ship
ARROW KEYS Move waypoint by 1 lightyear
SHIFT multiple waypoints Hold to set additional waypoints for the next turns
— Planet screen
A djust taxes Adjust tax rates on planet
B uild structures Build structures on planet
Starbase screen
B uild ship Build ship on starbase
D efenses Build Defense systems on starbase
L evels Raise Techlevels on starbase