Native Race Advantages

Every native race has an advantage or behavior that in most cases can be used for your advantage.

Are quick to forgive you for overtaxing them. They will allow you to slightly overtax them without growing unhappy. (They are some what dumb)

Amorphous (The only bad natives)
The Amorphous lifeforms eat 500 colonists (5 clans) per turn. They will not pay taxes and will become upset if you try to tax them. The Cyborg cannot assimilate them. Only the Glory device and the pillage planet mission can kill them.

Any starbase that is built around an amphibian planet will have tech 10 beam weapon technology automatically.

Every 10000 Bovinoids will produce 1 supply unit per turn. To collect the supplies you must have 100 colonists (one clan) for every supply that you collect.

Any starbase that is built around a ghipsoldal planet will have tech 10 engine technology automatically.

Any starbase that is built around a humanoid planet will have tech 10 hull technology automatically.

Insectoids produce twice the normal amount of credits per turn per percentage as other native races.

If there are 100 or more Reptilians living on a planet then your mining rate will be doubled. They will gladly help your colonists mine and move large boulders.

Any starbase that is built around a siliconoid planet will have tech 10 torpedo technology automatically.




As soon the Cyborg assimilates the whole native population the race advantage will be lost and no starbase technology advantage will be granted after this.