Three types of structures can be built on planets: Mineral Mines, Factories and Defense Posts. The number of structures that can be built on a planet is limited by the number of colonists living on a planet and the available local ressources.



Structure Purpose Costs per structure
Mineral Mines Extract minerals 4 MC / 1 SU
Factories Produce supplies 3 MC / 1 SU
Defense Posts Defense / Scanner shielding 10MC / 1 SU

MC = Megacredits, SU = Supply Unit



Maximum structures: The number of possible structures is limited by the colonist clans living on the planet. Low populations can support 1 structure per colonist clan (100 colonists) while high populations can support less structures in relation to their size:


Structure low colonist population and then
Mineral Mines one per clan up to 200 200+SQRT(clans-200)
Factories one per clan up to 100 100+SQRT(clans-100)
Defense Posts one per clan up to 50 50+SQRT(clans-50)




Structure decay: If there are less colonist clans living on the planet than the installed structures (higher population earlier in the game) would require, the structures will slowly break down due to low maintenance. In standard Planets.Nu games the decay rate is set to 3 which means that 3 structures will break down each turn until the number of supporting colonists is reached again.



Host Order: Structures are built immediately during gameplay (client side) and are checked in the beginning of the hostrun. Later in the hostrun the limiting number of colonist clans is checked a second time during the structure decay.