Web drain

Each Webminefield owned by the Crystal Confederation will drain 25kt fuel per turn from each ship that is stuck inside the webminefield. This effect is cumulative, multiple overlapping webminefields will drain multiple times. If a webminefield is owned by any other race than the Crystal Confederation, it will not drain any fuel. It will however inflict the typical fuel losses when a webmine is struck. Crystalline are always immune to web drain, even if they are each opponents in a Giant Melee game.


Campaign starmap object: Nebulas are interstellar collections of ionized gas covering vast areas with a fog which is difficult to penetrate with conventional sensors. This causes the following effects:

  • Hide ships and planets: Each point of nebula has a visibility factor depending on the level of density. Ships and planets will only be visible at this range.
  • All cloaking ships except ships with “advanced cloak” which end their movement inside of a nebula will be decloaked after movement. Ships which start their movement inside of a nebula are decloaked at the beginning of the turn.
  • Minefields and web minefields which are overlapping a nebula suffer from a 3X higher minefield decay rate.
  • Cobol Ramscoop does not work (if ending movement inside a nebula).
  • Planets inside Nebulas are 10 times more likely to experience a small meteor shower.
  • Bioscanners and sensor scans do not work on planets inside of a nebula except for the Pawn Class Baseship (Robots).
  • Ionstorms which encounter a nebula have their voltage reduced by the nebula intensity each turn they touch the nebula.
  • All native life on planets inside a nebula with visibility less than 50ly may be taxed higher than the normal rate before becoming angry. Since these natives have never seen the stars the arrival of aliens causes the entire population to go into a religious fervor.
  • The Cyborg B41 Explorer and the Birdman Swift Heart Class scout are equipped with a Neb Scanner which will automatically detect planets and ships inside a nebula up to 100 light years away regardless of the nebula density.


Super Refit [Refit]

Solar Federation Special Mission (ship): Any ship owned by the Solar Federation can perform the ‘Super Refit’ mission that allows upgrading its ship components (torpedo tubes, beams, engines) when orbiting a starbase and while automatically loading the right ammunition onto the ship (if available). To successfully upgrade its components a federal ship needs to be set to ‘Super Refit’ and a full set of the desired components must be available (already built) at the starbase. Super Refit will (if the conditions are met) take the lower tech components out of the ship and install a full set of high tech components instead. The ‘old’ components will be stored in the starbase’s space dock, if there are no full sets of ‘better’ components available, the old (full) set of components will not be replaced. It is possible to only refit one or two types of ship components (engines and/or beams and/or tubes) and leave the other components as they are. The ‘Super Refit’ mission is processed in ship ID order and requires fuel on board, the mission itself does not burn fuel. Super Refit only replaces complete sets of weapons and priorizes from high tech to low tech. This has the following effects:

Upgrading components: If a ship has the maximum number of weapon components installed and is set to ‘Super Refit’, and the starbase has several full sets of high tech weapons available, the highest tech components will be installed.

Example: If a Diplomacy Class Cruiser with 6 Mk4 torpedo tubes is set to ‘Super Refit’ and 6 Gamma Bomb, 6 Mk7 and 6 Mk8 torpedo tubes are available at the starbase, the Mk8 torpedo tubes will be installed.

Adding components: If a ship has less than the maximum number of weapon components installed and is set to ‘Super Refit’, and the starbase has enough of the same components available to make it a full set, the missing components will be added.

Example: If a Diplomacy Class Cruiser with 4 Mk7 torpedo tubes (maximum is 6) is set to ‘Super Refit’ and at least 2 Mk7 torpedo tubes are available at the starbase, then the missing 2 Mk7 tubes will be added to the ship.

Downgrading components: If a ship has less than the maximum number of weapon components installed and is set to ‘Super Refit’, and the starbase only has a full set of lower tech weapons available, the full set of the lower tech components will be installed.

Example: If a Diplomacy Class Cruiser with 4 Mk7 torpedo tubes (maximum is 6) is set to ‘Super Refit’ but only 6 Gamma Bomb torpedo tubes are available at the starbase, the Gamma Bomb tubes will be installed.

Stripping components: If a ship has less than the maximum number of weapon components installed and is set to ‘Super Refit’, and the starbase does not have any full set of replacement weapons available, the incomplete lower tech components will be removed.

Example: If a Diplomacy Class Cruiser with 4 Mk7 torpedo tubes (maximum is 6) is set to ‘Super Refit’ and only 5 Mk8 torpedo tubes are available at the starbase, the 4 Mk7 tubes will be removed and not be replaced.

Host OrderSuper refit is performed before movement and after cloning. A ship therefore can, if it is refitted, fly away fully armed in the same turn as it receives the refit. Alternatively it can be cloned and refitted in the same turn resulting in a refitted and a low-tech version in the next turn. Super refit is processed in ship ID order.

Tech Levels

Starbase ship construction technology: There are four different technology levels at every starbase that need to be researched before being able to construct more advanced ship hulls and components. These Tech Levels are:

  • Hulls (1-10) (race specific)
  • Engines (1-10)
  • Beam weapons (1-10)
  • Torpedo tubes (1-10)

With increasing Tech Levels more and better ship hulls and ship components can be built and assembled by the starbase. Tech Levels start at Tech 1 and can go up to Tech 10, the Megacredit cost per raised Tech Level always is:

  • The existing Tech Level x 100 MC

Tech Levels can be raised during gameplay, they are immediately available and ‘only’ cost Megacredits. It is possible to raise multiple Tech Levels and multiple steps in one turn in order to assemble the desired ship with the next hostrun. The four Tech Levels are independent from another, a starbase can for example build a Tech 5 hull and assemble it with Tech 10 beams and Tech 3 engines. Every starbase’s Lech Levels are independent from all other starbases and each race has different ship hulls available at different Tech Levels. When a new starbase is built, all four Tech Levels normally start at Level 1. If one of the 4 native races with a native race advantage (Humanoid, Ghipsoldal, Amphibian, Siliconoid) is living on the planet while the starbase is constructed, the according Tech Level will be raised automatically to Tech 10.

Shiplist – Strong to weak


(Comment on the data collection and sorting method at the end of the table.)

Starships in order of their firepower, with all ships being equipped with maximum weaponry and fighting for their original race. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in campaign games.



A Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
001 Gorbie Class Battlecarrier 980 10 10 Bays
002 Biocide Class Carrier 860 10 10 Bays
003 Golem Class Baseship 850 6 10 Bays
004 Rush Class Heavy Carrier 645 5 10 Bays
005 Virgo Class Battlestar 625 10 8 Bays
006 Automa Class Baseship 560 4 8 Bays
007 Annihilation Class Battleship 960 10 10
008 Nova Class Super-Dreadnought 650 10 10
009 Dark Wing Class Battleship 491 10 8
010 Victorious Class Battleship 451 10 6
011 Thor Class Heavy Frigate* 293 1 8
012 Crystal Thunder Class Carrier 320 6 8 Bays
013 Instrumentality Class Baseship 350 4 7 Bays
014 Super Star Cruiser II* 325 8 5 Bays
015 Madonnzila Class Carrier 331 4 5 Bays
016 Scorpius Class Heavy Carrier* 360 6 5 Bays
017 T-Rex Class Battleship 421 10 5
018 Diamond Flame Class Battleship 451 10 6
019 Missouri Class Battleship 395 8 6
020 Kittyhawk Class Carrier 173 4 6 Bays
B Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
021 Scorpius Class Carrier* 330 5 4 Bays
022 Super Star Cruiser 270 8 4 Bays
023 Super Star (II*) Carrier 250 6 4 Bays
024 Cybernaut (and B*) Class Baseship 340 3 5 Bays
025 Diplomacy B Class Cruiser* 220 6 6
026 Thor B Class Frigate* 233 1 8
027 Diplomacy Class Cruiser 180 6 6
028 Thor Class Frigate 173 1 8
029 Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser 275 10 2
030 Deth Specula Heavy Frigate* 183 4 6
031 Bloodfang Class Carrier 220 7 4 Bays
032 Saurian Class Heavy Frigate* 190 9 3
033 Super Star Destroyer 250 8 3 Bays
034 Scorpius Class Light Carrier 315 4 2 Bays
035 Nebula Class Cruiser 170 4 4
036 Merlin Class Alchemy Ship 920 8 0
037 Arkham Class Cruiser* 160 6 3
038 Arkham Class Destroyer* 155 6 3
039 Arkham Class Frigate 150 6 3
040 Gaurdian C Class Destroyer* 130 3 6
C Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
041 Resolute Class Battlecruiser 180 8 3
042 Emerald Class Battlecruiser 180 8 3
043 Lizard Class Cruiser 160 4 3
044 Deth Specula Stealth / Armoured* 153 6 4
045 Neutronic Refinery Ship 712 6 0
046 Loki Class Destroyer 101 2 4
047 D3 Thorn Class Cruiser* 130 3 5
048 Deth Specula Class Frigate 113 6 4
049 Valiant Wind (and Storm*) Carrier 180 7 3 Bays
050 Vendetta B / C Class Frigate* 100 4 4
051 D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser 175 4 2
052 D3 Thorn Class Frigate* 110 3 5
053 Vendetta Class Frigate 100 4 4
054 Moscow Class Star Destroyer* 173 4 4 Bays
055 Pawn (and B*) Class Baseship 260 2 2 Bays
056 Banshee Class Destroyer 120 4 2
057 Tranquility Class Cruiser 160 4 2
058 Super Star Frigate 150 5 3
059 Vendetta Stealth Class Frigate* 100 4 4
060 D3 Thorn Class Destroyer 90 2 4
D Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
061 Meteor Class Blockade Runner 90 4 4
062 Cygnus Class Destroyer 90 4 4
063 Gaurdian (and B*) Destroyer 80 3 6
064 Wild Banshee Class Destroyer* 120 10 1
065 Saurian Class Frigate* 130 7 2
066 Banshee B Class Destroyer* 120 7 1
067 Saber Class Shield Generator* 173 10 0
068 Onyx Class Frigate 153 8 1
069 Patriot Class Light Carrier 90 2 6 Bays
070 Skyfire Cruiser (and Transport*) 150 4 2
071 Saurian Class Light Cruiser 120 4 2
072 Nocturne Class Destroyer 90 4 2
073 Iron Lady Frigate (and Command*) 150 8 2
074 Firecloud Class Cruiser 120 6 2
075 Bright Heart (and Light*) Destroyer 80 2 4
076 Moscow Class Star Escort 173 4 2 Bays
077 Enlighten Research Vessel* 160 5 1
078 Saber Class Frigate 153 10 0
079 Fearless Wing Cruiser 150 6 1
080 Ruby Class Light Cruiser 120 4 2
E Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
081 Cat’s Paw Class Destroyer 120 4 2
082 Cobol Class Research Cruiser 115 4 2
083 H-ross Class Light Carrier 170 2 2 Bays
084 Lady Royale Class Cruiser 130 4 1
085 Sage Class Frigate (and Repair Ship*) 100 4 2
086 Dwarfstar II Class Transport* 110 6 0
087 Quietus Class Cruiser 130 4 1
088 White Falcon Class Cruiser 120 4 1
089 Sky Garnet Destroyer (and Frigate*) 90 7 1
090 D7a (and b*) Painmaker Cruiser* 170 4 0
091 D19b (and c*) Nefarious Destroyer 96 7 0
092 Gemini Class Transport 140 4 1 Bay
093 Dwarfstar Class Transport 100 6 0
094 Brynhild Class Escort 90 4 0
095 B222 (and b*) Destroyer 86 7 0
096 Br5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat 57 4 1
097 Little Pest Class Escort 75 6 0
098 Iron Slave Class Baseship (and Tug*) 60 1 2 Bays
099 Opal Class Torpedo Boat 67 1 1
100 Sapphire Class Space Ship* 57 1 1
F Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
101 Little Joe Class (and Light*) Escort 65 6 0
102 Little Pest Light Escort* 55 6 0
103 Red Wind Class (and Storm*-) Carrier 70 2 2 Bays
104 Sagittarius Class Transport 99 2 1 Bay
105 Br4 Class Gunship 55 5 0
106 Taurus Class Scout 95 2 0
107 Armored Ore Condenser* 85 2 0
108 Eros Class Research Vessel 35 2 0
109 Bohemian Class Survey Ship 32 2 0
110 Imperial Topaz Gunboats* 65 5 0
111 Ru30 Gunboats* 65 5 0
112 Outrider Class Scout (and Transport*) 75 1 0
113 Aries Class Transport 69 2 0
114 Ru25 Gunboats* 65 4 0
115 Topaz Class Gunboats* 65 4 0
116 Ru25 Gunboat 65 4 0
117 Topez Class Gunboat 65 4 0
118 Reptile Class Destroyer (and Escort*) 60 4 0
119 Taurus Class Transport* 50 2 0
120 Watcher Class Scout 47 2 0
G Name Mass Beams Tubes/Bays
121 Serpent Class Escort 55 2 0
122 Swift Heart Class Scout 45 2 0
123 Armored (and Heavy*) Transport 68 1 0
124 Mig Class Scout (and  Transport*) 37 2 0
125 B41 (and b*) Explorer 35 4 0
126 Deep Space Scout 30 4 0
127 Falcon Class Escort 30 2 0
128 B200 Class Probe 30 2 0
129 Small (and Medium*) Transport 30 2 0
130 Q Tanker 80 0 1 Bay
131 Pl21 Probe 24 1 0
132 Dungeon Class Stargate* 1970 0 0
133 Super Transport Freighter 160 0 0
134 Large Deep Space Freighter 130 0 0
135 Chameleon Class Freighter* 121 0 0
136 Medium Deep Space Freighter 60 0 0
137 Small Deep Space Freighter 30 0 0
138 Neutronic Fuel Carrier 10 0 0



General Comment:

The above list shows a rough view over the battle performance of the Planets starships. Those were simulated using the maximum firepower that is possible for each hull type and the race that builds those ships. All ships will have a higher chance to beat most other ships below. The chances vary from line to line and can go from 100% / 0% down to 50% / 50% ratios. Just because a ship is above another one does not mean that it will be win undamaged with a 100% chance, it just has a greater chance of winning than the one(s) below. There are specialists in this list that are able to beat singular ships further up or are especially vulnerable to certain lower ship hulls.

Shown are the actual battle performances of 1:1 ship fights when belonging to their origin race – depending on the owner race all hulls can vary in their battle strength. Different weapon systems or settings will also produce different results, as well as the left- / right side advantages. Please note that the performance of battlegroups is not reflected here, nor is there any credit given to the overall performance on the battlefield. Minelayers, factory ships or freighters for example will rarely step into a fight but can be a deciding element.


  1. All ships were simulated with the maximum possible weaponry installed.
  2. All ships were simulated as if they were belonging to their origin race. Federation, Lizard and Fascist combat boni were used.
  3. All ships must be able to beat the ship(s) directly below them with at least 50% probability and as many ships as possible below them.


All ships were simulated in rows of minimum 10.000 simulations using PCC2, settings at: NuHost, random friendly code, random sides. Only the wins and losses were used and put into relation to another, rounded to 5% chance steps. Stalemates were not used for the data collection.


First the ships were sorted by hand, then simulated using the Nu Simulator.
In a third run ten ships above and below each ship were simulated in order to erase first sorting mistakes. In the following runs each ship was simulated vs. all other ships, using the simulation method above. Obvious wins and losses (if a ship won by 100% vs. 5-10 ships in a row, that were much lower in the list) were not simulated.


It was easier to sort this hitlist using the collected data than initially expected – most ships that will (most likely) beat the ship below also have a great chance of beating the rest of the ships further down in the list. Only very specific ships with an uncommon mass in relation to their firepower sometimes jump out, mostly ‘sideways’, as them being either over – or underpowered makes them specialists for certain situations. Examples for an underpowered ship are the Scorpius Class Light Carrier or the Merlin Class and Neutronic Refinery factory ships, while the Thor, Kittyhawk and Patriot Classes rather are overpowered in relation to their combat weight. Specialist ships often show an inconsistent battlepower in comparison the majority and can beat singular ships further up in the list, while being vulnerable to very specific ships further down as well.

The medium, light and very light carriers such as the Moscow Classes, the H-Ross, Valiant and Red Wind Class Carriers seemingly are a flying risk for both the owner and the enemy, as those cover a great range of ships up and (!) down while nearly never producing a sure shot – neither as predator nor as prey.
Torpedo ships tend to have a more distinct predator and prey field.

In the extreme groups A, F and G the results are more distinct from ship to ship than in the middle ranges. Ships in Groups C and D are very close to another in terms of battle performance, ships C46 to C56 often produce 50% / 50% results with only a few percent points in the statistical differences. In cases of a general stalemate i used the results further up and down to compare the overall result and sorted them accordingly. In case of an exact draw (Meteor / Cygnus Classes or Ruby / Cat’s Paw Classes for example) i put the ‘more useful’ ship on top.

Native Race Advantages

Every native race has an advantage or behavior that in most cases can be used for your advantage.

Are quick to forgive you for overtaxing them. They will allow you to slightly overtax them without growing unhappy. (They are some what dumb)

Amorphous (The only bad natives)
The Amorphous lifeforms eat 500 colonists (5 clans) per turn. They will not pay taxes and will become upset if you try to tax them. The Cyborg cannot assimilate them. Only the Glory device and the pillage planet mission can kill them.

Any starbase that is built around an amphibian planet will have tech 10 beam weapon technology automatically.

Every 10000 Bovinoids will produce 1 supply unit per turn. To collect the supplies you must have 100 colonists (one clan) for every supply that you collect.

Any starbase that is built around a ghipsoldal planet will have tech 10 engine technology automatically.

Any starbase that is built around a humanoid planet will have tech 10 hull technology automatically.

Insectoids produce twice the normal amount of credits per turn per percentage as other native races.

If there are 100 or more Reptilians living on a planet then your mining rate will be doubled. They will gladly help your colonists mine and move large boulders.

Any starbase that is built around a siliconoid planet will have tech 10 torpedo technology automatically.




As soon the Cyborg assimilates the whole native population the race advantage will be lost and no starbase technology advantage will be granted after this.

Glory Devices – Effects on Fascist ships


Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 4:

Effects of own Glory Device detonations on Fascist ships, for both D19b (and c*) Class Destroyers (20% of a normal mine hit) and Saber Class Frigates (10% of a normal mine hit).  All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games. The following tables contain the damage percentage a fascist ship will take when experiencing a Glory Device detonation, how many detonations it will survive, how many detonations can be repaired instantly if enough supplies are on board (limited by cargo hold), and how many supplies will be needed to repair one detonation (hit).


 Effects of a D19b/c Nefarious Class detonation (own Glory Device)
Ship DMG per hit Survives hits Can repair hits Supplies / hit
SDSF 65% 1 0 (325)
D7a Painmaker 12% 8 2 60
Little Pest 26% 3 0 130
Neutronic Fuel 182% 0 0 910
MDSF 33% 3 1 165
D7 Coldpain 11% 9 1 55
Small Transport 65% 1 0 (325)
Ill Wind 7% 14 7 35
D3 Thorn 22% 4 0 (110)
LDSF 15% 6 16 75
Valiant Wind 11% 9 1 55
Deth Specula 18% 5 0 (90)
D19b 21% 4 0 (105)
Saber 13% 7 0 (65)
Neutronic Refinery 3% 33 70 15
STF 12% 8 43 60
Victorious 4% 25 6 20
Merlin 2% 50 270 10
D7b* 12% 8 2 60
Little Pest Light* 36% 2 0 180
Armored Ore* 23% 4 1 115
Medium Trans* 65% 1 0 325
D3 Frigate* 18% 5 0 90
D3 Cruiser* 15% 6 1 75
D19c* 21% 4 0 105
Deth Armoured* 13% 7 0 65
Deth Stealth* 13% 7 0 65
Saber Shield* 11% 9 0 55
Effects of a Saber Class Frigate detonation (own Glory device):
Ship DMG per hit Survives hits Can repair hits Supplies / hit
SDSF 32% 3 0 (160)
D7a Painmaker 6% 16 4 30
Little Pest 13% 7 0 (65)
Neutronic Fuel 91% 1 0 (455)
MDSF 16% 6 2 80
D7 Coldpain 6% 16 3 30
Small Transport 32% 3 0 (160)
Ill Wind 4% 25 13 20
D3 Thorn 11% 9 0 (55)
LDSF 8% 12 30 40
Valiant Wind 6% 16 2 30
Deth Specula 9% 11 0 (45)
D19b 10% 10 0 (50)
Saber 7% 14 0 (35)
Neutronic Refinery 1% 100 210 5
STF 6% 16 86 30
Victorious 2% 50 13 10
Merlin 1% 100 540 5
D7b* 6% 16 4 30
Little Pest Light* 18% 5 0 (90)
Armored Ore* 12% 8 2 60
Medium Trans* 32% 3 1 160
D3 Frigate* 9% 11 0 (45)
D3 Cruiser* 8% 12 3 40
D19c* 10% 10 0 (50)
Deth Armoured* 7% 14 1 35
Deth Stealth* 7% 14 1 35
Saber Shield* 6% 16 0 (30)


Starbase ship work: By giving a starbase the command to ‘Recycle’ a ship, the starbase will take the selected ship apart and convert the hull (100%) into its minerals. Engines, beam weapons, torpedo tubes, fighters and torpedoes will be stored at the starbase. All normal cargo will be destroyed and if a carrier is being recycled that has more fighters on board than the starbase can store (max 60) they will be destroyed as well. Each starbase can only recycle or fix one ship per turn and only ships that belong to the same owner as the starbase. Each recycled ship will grant 1 PP (1 PBP) – regardless of its mass.

Host order: ‘Recycle’ happens before movement and combat. Ships can be recycled before being towed out or being attacked. It is possible to let a ship ‘disappear’, if it will be lost anyway.

Interface: To recycle a ship press ‘Recycle’ in the starbase screen and then select the according ship.


Minehits – Ships that will be destroyed [Glory Devices - Ships that will]

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 3:

The following list contains all Planets starships that will be destroyed by a single Glory Device or a Minehit. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games. All other ships in the Planets shiplist will either survive a single minehit or Glory Device detonation or even will be able to repair themselves instantly using supplies.


Destroyed – Ships that will be destroyed by minehits or Glory Devices.

The Solar Federation (6+1* ships)
Outrider Class Scout
Nocturne Class Destroyer
Bohemian Class Survey Ship
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Eros Class Research Vessel
Brynhild Class Escort
Outrider Class Transport*
The Lizard Alliance (6+1* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
Serpent Class Escort
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Reptile Class Destroyer
Eros Class Research Vessel
Reptile Class Escort*
The Empire of the Birds (6+3* ships)
Swift Heart Class Scout
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Bright Heart Class Destroyer
Small Transport
Red Wind Class Carrier
Bright Heart Light Destroyer*
Medium Transport*
Red Wind Storm-Carrier*
The Fascist Empire (6+2*)
Small Deep Space Freighter (only minehit)
Little Pest Class Escort (only minehit)
Neutronic Fuel Carrier (only minehit)
Medium Deep Space Freighter (only minehit)
Small Transport (only minehit)
D3 Thorn Class Destroyer (only minehit)
Little Pest Light Escort* (only minehit)
Medium Transport* (only minehit)
The Privateer Bands (10+4* ships)
Outrider Class Scout
Small Deep Space Freighter
Br4 Class Gunship
Little Pest Class Escort
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Br5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat
Small Transport
D3 Thorn Class Destroyer
Red Wind Class Carrier
Outrider Class Transport*
Little Pest Light Escort*
Medium Transport*
Red Wind Storm-Carrier*
The Cyborg (7+3* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
B200 Class Probe
Watcher Class Scout
B41 Explorer
Iron Slave Class Baseship
Medium Deep Space Freighter
B222 Destroyer
Iron Slave Class Tug*
B41b Explorer*
B222b Destroyer*
The Crystal Confederation (7+5* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
Opal Class Torpedo Boat
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Topez Class Gunboat
Small Transport
Sky Garnet Class Destroyer
Topaz Class Gunboats*
Imperial Topaz Class Gunboats*
Medium Transport*
Sky Garnet Class Frigate*
Sapphire Class Space Ship*
The Evil Empire (6+3* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
Ru25 Gunboat
Mig Class Scout
Pl21 Probe
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Ru25 Gunboats*
Ru30 Gunboats*
Mig Class Transport*
The Robotic Imperium (3+1* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
Iron Slave Class Baseship
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Iron Slave Class Tug*
The Rebel Confederation (11+3* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
Taurus Class Scout
Cygnus Class Destroyer
Falcon Class Escort
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Deep Space Scout
Gaurdian Class Destroyer
Armored Transport
Sagittarius Class Transport
Patriot Class Light Carrier
Taurus Class Transport*
Gaurdian B Class Destroyer*
Heavy Armored Transport*
The Missing Colonies of Man (6+2* ships)
Small Deep Space Freighter
Cygnus Class Destroyer
Little Joe Class Escort
Neutronic Fuel Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter
Patriot Class Light Carrier
Taurus Class Transport*
Little Joe Light Escort*

Starbase [Base]

Stationary starmap object: A Starbase can be constructed in orbit of any planet by clicking the ‘Build Starbase’ button in the Planet Screen. They can be used to build, repair or recycle starships and to defend the planet. Each planet can only have one starbase. Starbases can not be moved.

The construction of a starbase requires one hostrun, the costs are:

  • 900 Megacredits
  • 120 kt Duranium
  • 402 kt Tritanium
  • 340 kt Molybdenum

Ship works: Once constructed a starbase can load cargo from and to ships by both using friendly codes and/or the transfer screens. They can instantly construct small ships. Before building better ships or ship components Megacredits need to be invested in the 4 Techlevels. For general ship construction works like the fixing or recycling of ships no special technology is needed, the starbase however can only fix / recycle one ship and construct (if the ship limit is not reached) one ship per turn. Starbases can perform special Primary Orders and use special starbase friendly codes.

Fighting: Starbases can be equipped with up to 60 fighters and 200 defenses that will work together with the planetary defense posts if the starbase is involved in planet vs. ship fights. A fully equipped starbase/planet combo can beat nearly any ship in a 1:1 fight, will always fight from the right hand side and after all ships have fought. If starbase is destroyed (and the planet conquered) a new base can be constructed, if the planet is conquered by Ground Combat or Imperial Assault the Starbase will change owner together with the planet and everything that is on there – except for the ship hulls. If the planet becomes unowned (colonists are beamed up or killed) the starbase will be destroyed.

Damage: If a starbase is damaged during a fight its maximum possible (and existing) techlevels will be reduced by the suffered damage percentage. Example: A starbase that is 60% damaged will have all it’s techlevels reduced to techlevel 4 – until it is repaired and the techlevels are researched again. Build orders and already built components remain intact. To repair a starbase it must perform the ‘Repair Starbase’ mission that repairs 5% damage per turn and which does not cost any ressources. ‘Repair Starbase’ will only repair the starbase’s hull but not re-raise the techlevels or restore the original defenses.

Primary Orders:

  • Force a Surrender (before movement)
  • Maximum defense (after movement)
  • Unload all Freighters (after movement)
  • Repair Base (after movement)
  • Load torps onto ships (after movement)
  • Refuel (after movement)