Minimum Rank [Maximum Rank]

Planets.Nu has a handicap system installed that protects junior players from advanced level players in live games. It increases the balance within each game and stops expert level players from attacking junior players just for the sake of raising their leaderboard ranking.

Before being able to join a live game with handicap, the system checks a player’s ranking in the desired race, and how high he/she ranks in his two strongest (highest ranking) races. If these two races’ rankings are more than two levels above the rank of the desired race, the player will count as the higher skill level.


Game type Minimum Rank Maximum Rank
Junior Officer’s Game None Lieutenant
Officer’s Game Lieutentant Commander
Senior Officer’s Game Commander None

Example: If a player wishes to join a live game as the Crystal Confederation and has the rank of a midshipman, but is ranking Commander in the Solar Federation and Admiral in the Robotic Imperium, she/he will not be able to join a Junior Officer’s game as her/his highest ranks are too high. She/he however can join an Officer’s Game, since only one (not two) rank is above the allowed skill level.