Tech Levels

Starbase ship construction technology: There are four different technology levels at every starbase that need to be researched before being able to construct more advanced ship hulls and components. These Tech Levels are:

  • Hulls (1-10) (race specific)
  • Engines (1-10)
  • Beam weapons (1-10)
  • Torpedo tubes (1-10)

With increasing Tech Levels more and better ship hulls and ship components can be built and assembled by the starbase. Tech Levels start at Tech 1 and can go up to Tech 10, the Megacredit cost per raised Tech Level always is:

  • The existing Tech Level x 100 MC

Tech Levels can be raised during gameplay, they are immediately available and ‘only’ cost Megacredits. It is possible to raise multiple Tech Levels and multiple steps in one turn in order to assemble the desired ship with the next hostrun. The four Tech Levels are independent from another, a starbase can for example build a Tech 5 hull and assemble it with Tech 10 beams and Tech 3 engines. Every starbase’s Lech Levels are independent from all other starbases and each race has different ship hulls available at different Tech Levels. When a new starbase is built, all four Tech Levels normally start at Level 1. If one of the 4 native races with a native race advantage (Humanoid, Ghipsoldal, Amphibian, Siliconoid) is living on the planet while the starbase is constructed, the according Tech Level will be raised automatically to Tech 10.

Starbase [Base]

Stationary starmap object: A Starbase can be constructed in orbit of any planet by clicking the ‘Build Starbase’ button in the Planet Screen. They can be used to build, repair or recycle starships and to defend the planet. Each planet can only have one starbase. Starbases can not be moved.

The construction of a starbase requires one hostrun, the costs are:

  • 900 Megacredits
  • 120 kt Duranium
  • 402 kt Tritanium
  • 340 kt Molybdenum

Ship works: Once constructed a starbase can load cargo from and to ships by both using friendly codes and/or the transfer screens. They can instantly construct small ships. Before building better ships or ship components Megacredits need to be invested in the 4 Techlevels. For general ship construction works like the fixing or recycling of ships no special technology is needed, the starbase however can only fix / recycle one ship and construct (if the ship limit is not reached) one ship per turn. Starbases can perform special Primary Orders and use special starbase friendly codes.

Fighting: Starbases can be equipped with up to 60 fighters and 200 defenses that will work together with the planetary defense posts if the starbase is involved in planet vs. ship fights. A fully equipped starbase/planet combo can beat nearly any ship in a 1:1 fight, will always fight from the right hand side and after all ships have fought. If starbase is destroyed (and the planet conquered) a new base can be constructed, if the planet is conquered by Ground Combat or Imperial Assault the Starbase will change owner together with the planet and everything that is on there – except for the ship hulls. If the planet becomes unowned (colonists are beamed up or killed) the starbase will be destroyed.

Damage: If a starbase is damaged during a fight its maximum possible (and existing) techlevels will be reduced by the suffered damage percentage. Example: A starbase that is 60% damaged will have all it’s techlevels reduced to techlevel 4 – until it is repaired and the techlevels are researched again. Build orders and already built components remain intact. To repair a starbase it must perform the ‘Repair Starbase’ mission that repairs 5% damage per turn and which does not cost any ressources. ‘Repair Starbase’ will only repair the starbase’s hull but not re-raise the techlevels or restore the original defenses.

Primary Orders:

  • Force a Surrender (before movement)
  • Maximum defense (after movement)
  • Unload all Freighters (after movement)
  • Repair Base (after movement)
  • Load torps onto ships (after movement)
  • Refuel (after movement)