Starbase ship work: By giving a starbase the command to ‘Recycle’ a ship, the starbase will take the selected ship apart and convert the hull (100%) into its minerals. Engines, beam weapons, torpedo tubes, fighters and torpedoes will be stored at the starbase. All normal cargo will be destroyed and if a carrier is being recycled that has more fighters on board than the starbase can store (max 60) they will be destroyed as well. Each starbase can only recycle or fix one ship per turn and only ships that belong to the same owner as the starbase. Each recycled ship will grant 1 PP (1 PBP) – regardless of its mass.

Host order: ‘Recycle’ happens before movement and combat. Ships can be recycled before being towed out or being attacked. It is possible to let a ship ‘disappear’, if it will be lost anyway.

Interface: To recycle a ship press ‘Recycle’ in the starbase screen and then select the according ship.