Tech Levels

Starbase ship construction technology: There are four different technology levels at every starbase that need to be researched before being able to construct more advanced ship hulls and components. These Tech Levels are:

  • Hulls (1-10) (race specific)
  • Engines (1-10)
  • Beam weapons (1-10)
  • Torpedo tubes (1-10)

With increasing Tech Levels more and better ship hulls and ship components can be built and assembled by the starbase. Tech Levels start at Tech 1 and can go up to Tech 10, the Megacredit cost per raised Tech Level always is:

  • The existing Tech Level x 100 MC

Tech Levels can be raised during gameplay, they are immediately available and ‘only’ cost Megacredits. It is possible to raise multiple Tech Levels and multiple steps in one turn in order to assemble the desired ship with the next hostrun. The four Tech Levels are independent from another, a starbase can for example build a Tech 5 hull and assemble it with Tech 10 beams and Tech 3 engines. Every starbase’s Lech Levels are independent from all other starbases and each race has different ship hulls available at different Tech Levels. When a new starbase is built, all four Tech Levels normally start at Level 1. If one of the 4 native races with a native race advantage (Humanoid, Ghipsoldal, Amphibian, Siliconoid) is living on the planet while the starbase is constructed, the according Tech Level will be raised automatically to Tech 10.