PlanetsCon 2015 – The son of PlanetsCon


We are happy to announce the second of the Planets-conventions for the last weekend of August (friday 29th until sunday 31st) in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. Your organizing committee will be Robijntje and Dazdya. After the devastating success of last year’s event, admirals from around the globe can join us for a follow-up. Events are far from final, but they might include the following (or not):


  • arrival
  • get-together with early arrivals
  • hangout with everybody who has an opinion or is looking for one
  • betting pool for current emperor games



  • ‘How to defend a starbase’ – the story of Leiden
  • ‘862 KTons of minerals and 900,000,000 credits’ – building a starbase for Earth
  • State of the Nuniverse – by Joshua
  • ‘Trans-Atlantic blitz with 20 generals looking over your shoulder’
  • ‘Best Planets-related joke ever’
  • ‘One hundred things you were afraid to ask because it might make you look stupid…’
  • Presentations by some of the best commanders in the Nuniverse.



  • betting pool for future emperor games
  • intervention for SMN to organize the next Con in Finland
  • hangout with everyone who used to have an opinion
  • departure


Doodle-Survey: Who will participate?

Please let us know if you wish to participate (or not) by answering this little poll:


The preparations are far from complete, so more news will be forthcoming. We do know that we are still looking for a group of players in the USA who live in the same region, for the trans-atlantic blitz. Recent posts suggest people may be setting up a Con on the other side of the pond; it would be awesome if we could make it a double-feature. Also, if people wish to announce that they will join, or that they would like to organize something, have an idea for a presentation, or just for feedback, please send an email to planetscon (at)

An official invitation will be issued as soon as we have an idea how many players intend to come.

See you there!

Dazdya and Robijntje

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Planets player since 1995 who started as a school kid with WinPlan and the Rebel Confederation. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, he makes his living as an architect and is a passionate Lizards player in the Planets universe. Thin has taken part in the first championship game ‘The Scorpius War’ on in which he finished ranking second.

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  1. If there is interest, I can offer a session about the Colonies. I’m finalizing the “Colonial Bible” at the moment which I’m about to first submit to peer review, and then publish on the mag. It might also offer a good opportunity to clarify whatever might remain unclear.

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