Strategic Diplomatic Positioning

I think we all have played many kinds of war and strategy games. In all of them you try to position your units in a beneficial manner, to hold the high ground, so you have better odds to defeat your opponents.

By “strategic diplomacy” I mean the planned effort to position yourself in your game with Continue reading


An Old Scroll – The Art of Diplomacy

The Old Scrolls Series from Donovan’s Super Site:

Please note that some data may refer to earlier game versions or different host settings. Although game and strategies have advanced since the writing of this guide, the provided information is more than useful for an inspired gameplay and a good base to start from. Enjoy!

Written by: Emperor Bondservant in the Early 1990s

The Art of Diplomacy

VGA-Planets comes the closest I know to simulating what it would be like to be a commander in a full-scale war — especially considering the impact of having ten other Continue reading


Alliances and Diplomacy

Planets Nu has several different levels of alliances which you can set from the diplomacy screen:

  • Blocked – The user can not send you messages
  • None – Normal turn by turn deep space communication only
  • Ambassador – Send an ambassador to allow immediate (relayed by email) communication
  • Safe Passage – Share information about your minefields and allow the other player to fly through them
  • Share Intel – Share information about the location of your planets and ships and enemy planets and ships
  • Full Ally – Share all information about your planets and ships and enemies planets and ships