Early Construction – An Opinion

This article reflects my own opinion about what to build on the first turn.  In a previous post, I asserted that a Large Deep Space Freighter (LDSF) with Transwarp Drives is always a safe choice to build.  I reaffirm that it is acceptable to build the LDSF on the first turn.

In my opinion, however, there is a better choice for everyone.  Every race should build a capital ship (a ship with weapons – also known as a warship) on turn 1. Continue reading


Getting Started – The First Turn

Written by: ECV

The first few turns are extremely important in VGA Planets.  This post will give you an outline of what you can do on the very first turn to get the best possible start.

When you open your first turn on Nu, you will immediately own three things.

(1)  One planet.  This is your homeworld.  Its climate will be the ideal temperature for your race’s growth.  That is, the temperature will be 50 degrees unless you are playing the Continue reading